Histoire secrète de la Cour internationale de Justice

The Secret History of the International Court of Justice
(Die geheimliche Geschichte des internationales Gerichtshofs)

Lawrence C Chin
copyright © 2011 - 2018

Welcome to the most complained about, and most detested, website in the history of the Internet.
(This, thanks to the tireless effort of a group of women: see The Secret History)

This website is the authentic version.

(Please note that the group of women who have been complaining about this website since 2012
have been impersonating me online using my materials on this website and creating fake versions of these materials for distribution.)

(They have also been plagiarizing me in order to accuse me of plagiarizing them.)

(In particular, this website used to reside in lawrencechin2011.com but was moved to the
current domain enlightenment1998.com in December 2015. The group of women in question then created a fake lawrencechin2011.com
in September 2016. This website has nothing to do with the currently existing lawrencechin2011.com.)

The "Secret History" lies behind this front page. Please go look for it.

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