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"The Past is History,
The Future is Mystery,
Today is a Gift,
That's why it is Present."
---- a cliché passed around a lot.

One should not, however, be misled by this beautiful line. One cannot forget about the past until one has learned of it; one cannot be insensitive to the coming of the future unless one has learned and coped with its inevitability. Otherwise one is merely passing from day to day aimlessly like a vegetable, leading a meaningless life. That is not "living the Present". It is said once that an idiot and a genius are separated by a mere thread, hard to distinguish. This is because although the Result is often the same (e.g. veging away life and living the Present) the process of getting there is completely different. (In "veging" you don't even need a "process" to get there.)

The process of learning the past and acquiring a sense of the coming future is called Education. Through Education, finally, it is hoped, you are in a position to truly appreciate The Moment as a Present.


The Academy is where I expound to you my philosophical system which is a theory of everything.

This "philosophical system" has an idiotic name called The Path Toward Scientific Enlightenment. Follow the link below. It is still in progress.


  • World History as the function of the second law of thermodynamics
  • The truth of Power as the exertion of the second law of thermodynamics into the human world
  • The truth of women's movement, democracy, and the "revolutionary ideal"
  • Human enlightenment traditions as the recall of the first law of thermodynamics to negate the second law
  • Philosophy as recapitulation of the historical truth of the Universe on the plane of Logic (Logos).
  • And so on.

Please note that some viewpoints are better than others, in the sense that they are more informed, more comprehensive, and closer to the Truth. Read the words of Zhuangzi (or Chuangtzu). Random rambling coming from a mentally damaged man on the street on the topic of the nature of Reality is no comparison with the opinion of the academic who spent 20 years of his or her life investigating the nature of Reality.

This system is real philosophy. It is not the academic philosophy like "analytic" or "continental" philosophy. There is a problem in studying philosophy at universities, since well over 90% of the people who have studied philosophy there have never understood what it is about and never know that they don't. They then go on to teach or translate which results in more misunderstanding. The Greek geniuses, for example, are usually made into idiots, and nobody knows anymore that they have been made into idiots through distortion. The reason why the moderns can no longer understand philosophy seems to be the rise of the scientific perspective, which is non-symbolic. (E.g. Force = Mass x Acceleration, a scientific statement like that is literal, and non-symbolic; all its meaning is visible on the surface. It does not have any meaning or experience hidden behind.) Academics and priests today read religious and philosophic texts from the past like some scientific texts, a series of non-symbolic propositions referring to logical or empirical entities. This is called "fundamentalism", which affects religion and philosophy alike.

UPDATE: Now people who have spent a lot of time in graduate school probably notice that academia contains a much higher concentration of "subhumans" than in society. The more useless the discipline the more this is so. So, while 50 or so percent of the teachers and students in history, linguistic, or anthropology departments are subhumans, in philosophy this can be as high as 70 percent. You know these introverted, unsocial, petty-minded, and unattractive nerds, who can't or don't want to find a place in the business world and so come to universities to find a career in reading books and acquiring wisdom and knowledge. So far so good; if they actually did find wisdom and knowledge, at least that's compensation for opting out of all the fun and power in the real world. The sad thing is that they didn't, for several reasons. (1) The modern perspective in which they grew up and of which they can't rid themselves precludes the understanding of past wisdom in philosophy and religions, and so they misunderstand these and don't know they have misunderstood. (2) Academia has replicated in itself the structure of the business world outside, with the specialization of fields and professionalization. (3) The intellectual trends in academia (like "postmodernism") are geared more toward reinforcing the dominant economic mode and relations of production and consumption outside in the real world than toward truth (Marxist substructure determining superstructure). Thus the "philosophy" or "religious studies" they find in school is just a specialized, contentless, self-referential and self-enclosed discourse system that aims to brain-wash you to accept the economic world outside and to bar you from truth -- on top of being useless.

Then, the petty personalities that populate academia engage themselves in ferocious turf battle and compete for superiority in the mastery of all this useless intellectual junk which no one outside in the real world cares about. Kind of like a bunch of nerds fighting more ferociously over dog shit than the attractive people outside fighting over gold. They have sacrificed their life for dog shit. Someone once said that someone else had said that Henry Kissinger once said that the reason why the intellectuals in academia were so ferocious in attacking each other or stealing ideas from each other was that the stake was just so low. So if you want to learn wisdom then turn away from your classes and come here and join the discussion. And please don't despise what you find here because your sense of "intellectual superiority" is offended. Remember that I'm not here to demonstrate my "superiority". Intellect is a sign of inferiority, and that's why superior people like Tom Cruise and politicians are uneducated. If anything, I'm exposing my inferiority.

-- Lawrence Chin, 1999 - 2006

Entrance To The World of
Scientific Enlightenment
(1999 - 2005)

Book Review:

A Small Treatise on "True" Religion
(Le petit traité de la vraie religion)
(May, 2005)

Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals
(1995, 2006)

The Reason for War on Terrorism
This is a little essay which I wrote in 2005 and 2006. I have destroyed the original, but most of the material came from the footnotes in this document. It is not a well-researched essay, however.


The Secret History of the International Court of Justice
(2007 - 2011)
This is my current work. It's a memoir documenting my experience as a piece of evidence in a vicious court battle in the International Court of Justice in which the intelligence agencies from United States, China, Russia, and other countries fought out the charges of "conspiracy".


The Chinese translation of Zizioulas' Christian Dogmatics
This is the translation work I did for the Orthodox Church of Taiwan
Ancient work

The Synchronic Structure of Patriarchy
This is something I wrote, my very first essay, in 1992, when I was merely 22. I was very pro-feminist at the time.

Linguistic typology and differentiation of consciousness
This is an essay I wrote in 1997. The views expressed are immature, but my view on how VO and OV typology correlates with degrees of differentiation of consciousness deserves to be looked into.

How scientific is the early twentieth century eugenic movement
An essay I wrote for my graduate history class at Cal State Hayward, USA, in fall 1999.

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