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Philosophy - West

Marxist.Org References

Index of Western philosophers. Philosophy Pages by Garth Kemerling.

Greek - classical philosophy West


Strange Great Site. Leer van de Waarheid, Parmenides' fragment 8 in Dutch.

Hanover Historical Texts Projects from The Department of History of the Hanover College: the large collection of texts here include not just the Greeks but the Latin literature as well, and even East Asian classics. But the texts are all English translations which are usually badly done. Hence only good for references.

Zeno's paradox; Zeno's again; here the paradoxes are resolved through mathematics dealing with infinity, rather than through simply giving up continuity in favor of quantized world and via its implication of special relativity (my approach). Hence another point of view to be considered. Also Zeno's paradoxes as implying relativity: this is a much better one on the subject. Zeno's paradoxes in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Nick Huggett: a rather "traditional" view, missing the point. A summary of Peter Lynds' solution to Zeno's paradoxes (posted at which is similar to mine. Reply by Eric Engle. Related to Lynds again. More on Peter Lynds.

By Neil Robertson. Strauss is the most anachronistic reading of classics you can imagine. "... Strauss both assumes and requires of his Plato a thoroughly contemporary phenomenological concreteness. Strauss's ahistorical esoteric hermeneutic appears not so much as a respectful reading of philosophers of the past as they understood themselves, but more as the importing-into ancient texts of contemporary assumptions and concerns." The projection of modern perspective with modern problems and concerns onto the ancients, and then claiming to have discovered their true meaning.

German - modern philosophy West

Kant's Kritik der reinen Vernunft

Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit
By Johann Gottfried Herder. Also his
Weitere Ideen zur Philosophie der Menschengeschichte

Herder Links Center

THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA (Text on-line) and Study Guide for Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Book One

The Nietzsche Channel

Ereignis: most comprehensive site on Heidegger on the net. (in German)

Sein und Zeit (Text in PDF)

Francesc Hervada-Sala's *Good summary presentation of Heidegger's Sein und Zeit. (In German.)

Hegel Gesellschaft

Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften im Grundrisse

Summary of Hegel's philosophy
(From University G. H. Essen)

Albert Ribas on Leibniz.

German-English dictionary

Philosophy - East

ChinaKowledge: comprehensive introduction to the Chinese intellectual traditions. Many texts collected. Chinese dictionary; also containing the original Chinese texts of some Chinese classics such as the Analect, Dao De Jin, and the Art of War. Pre-Qin philosophers: texts in Chinese.

Learn Chinese characters: a comprehensive index of related sites by a professor at California State University, Long Beach. Also prof. Joseph Adler.

Zhuangzi at Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Traditional Chinese Astronomical Records Li CiYuan (China); mEniah; Year Of The Ram.

English to Chinese dictionary national studies: including many Chinese classics on line (in simplified script).

Majorie Chan's China links, Chinese classical texts. (A Japanese site.)

The Metaphysics of Dao; The Dao House; School of Wisdom

Complete text of Yijing. Yijing Dao by S. Marshall. He has a own (divination-oriented) interpretation of Yijing. Very interesting. And the whole Zhou-Yi text is also included. Luis Andrade's Yijing site. Also: Online Clarity; Lise Heyboer's Yijing The Book of Sun and Moon contains etymology of the hexagrams and much more. Zhouyi Daixiang by Chu-Hsi, Sung dynasty. I Tjing Centrum Nederland.
Run by Brad Hatcher.

Chad Hansen's Chinese Philosophy Pages. Essential Readings on Chinese Philosophy.

China (From the Country Studies at Library of Congress); Satya Gabriel's China Essays Series; History of China (From the U.S. Army Handbook)

Wozu noch Französisch?
Spiegel 3/22/2007. On the trend of Chinese-learning in Germany.

Philosophy - India

Upanishads; from

Gaudapada's philosophy; by Surendranath Dasgupta; from

Vedanta Society of Northern California in San Francisco.

Philosophy and Physics (that sort of thing)

Bhaktivedanta Institute

Theosophical Society; Theosophical Society Northwest.

Notes on Leibniz's living force. From Gary Novak. Weird but worth considering.

Religious Studies

PreClassical Hinduism: Evolution From the Vedic Age to the Early Upanishads

René Girard and "Un [autre] site essentiel sur René Girard": René Girard is a French-born scholar and taught at Stanford University. His ideas on "mimetic desires" and sacrifices etc. are popular. (In French.)

Parallel flood myths.

The Patriarchs: History and Religion
"Cross will accept that shaddai may represent an Amorite name for El, but not Bailey's suggestion that it is an alternative for Sin the moon god. E. L. Abel has pointed to other evidence, such as the settlement of the patriarchs at Harran, an important cultic centre of the moon god, & several of the names of Abraham's relations [Sarah//Sarratu (Sin's wife); Milkah//malkatu (Sin's daughter); Terah//Ter (a name of Sin = moon) - E. L. Abel, 1973]. Until the epithet shaddai is found in extra-Biblical sources, we will continue to be uncertain of its etymology & origins. Abraham's ancestors worshipped the moon god, but whether Abraham converted to El, or simply identified him with the moon god, is unclear."

Mircea Eliade
A short biography.

Koran on net in 5 languages plus the original Arabic. De Islamitische Tijdrekening (The Islamic Time Reckoning: in Dutch)

Ivan Panin, short bio. Mathematical code in Bible, again relating to Ivan Panin.

Spirituality in the Orthodox Church: Important Points

New International Version: What today's Christian needs to know about the NIV
A review by G.W. Anderson and D.E. Anderson. Article No. 114.

Who is St. Nicholas

General History

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives: this site is highly useful and comprehensive. Mathematicians and mathematical problems from all civilizations are reviewed here. Texts are all in English.

Country Studies: "This website contains the on-line versions of books previously published in hard copy by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress as part of the Country Studies/Area Handbook Series sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army between 1986 and 1998." So the website describes itself. It is comprehensive and very useful for short-terms study, since the summary of all the countries' histories are short and yet precise.

Thoughts on the Concept of Biopower Today.
by Paul Rabinow and Nikolas Rose

Auguste Comte
Something like an official site, with list of works and texts. (in French, mostly.)

Gallica: the digital library by Bibliothèque nationale de la France. I cannot overstate the wonderfulness of this site. Here is its self-description: "[U]ne collaboration avec l'Institut National de la Langue Française du CNRS et avec les éditeurs multimédias Bibliopolis, Acamédia et Champion a permis de mettre en ligne 1250 ouvrages en mode texte [!]" The most important part, for example, of this library is undoubtedly the Gallica Classique: "Gallica Classique vise un public scolaire et universitaire. De Villon à Zola, il offre une sélection de plus d'un millier de classiques de la littérature, parmi lesquels plusieurs centaines de volumes en mode texte (Classiques Garnier, oeuvres complètes de Chateaubriand, édition Furne de La Comédie humaine d'Honoré de Balzac)." All important French writers in history are more or less comprehended here. (Site in French, obviously.)

Links to Persian sites.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Outline of Kuhn's famous book.

The Newton Project

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

Itinera Electronica
Classical Latin texts on-line.

Short biography from Encyclopedia Britannica.

Catiline and the Catilinarian Conspiracy

Chronology of the Old Testament

Ephors and Helot

Maximilian I
1459 - 1519, Holy Roman emperor and German king.


Der Wiener Kongress 1815

Asia in the Eye of Europe


Richard Fitzpatrick

Annalen der Physik (AdP) & Albert Einstein

On the electrodynamics of moving bodies
English translation of Einstein's classic 1905 paper.

E. Noether's Discovery of the Deep Connection Between Symmetries and Conservation Laws
Nina Byers

Noether's Theorem at Math Pages. Noether's Theorem in a Nutshell by John Baez

Written for students in the USC Self-Paced Astronomy Courses

Reflections on Relativity
By Kevin Brown, at his magnificent Math Pages.

A history of vector analysis
Michael Crowe presents a summary of his classic.

Introduction to Matrix Algebra

Die Grundlage der allgemeine Relativitätstheorie with its English translation. Excerpts from "The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity"

Shade Tree Physics

Usenet Physics FAQ

A Different View of Some Concepts in Physics

The Physics Classroom

Potential Energy by John Roche.; Quantenmechanik.

Derivation of Schroedinger's equation.

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics at the Wolfram Research Inc. IUN/FYDE Introductory Physics Notes.

Lagrange and Hamiltonian. Derivation.

Duality, Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics by Edward Witten.

American Institute of Physics: History; on wave function; on superstring;

Ask Physicists Questions: Cornell University.; tutorials in electronics at Iguana Lab; calculus tutorial at Harvey Mudd College; electronics-tutorials; The Laplace Equation and Harmonic Functions, and also Fourier Transforms and Uncertainty, both parts of calculus and differential equations, part of Math Forum. Math Page

Ruslan Sharipov; Introduction to Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics by John H. Heinbockel

The Official Website of Super String Theory; P. Schwarz's Spacetime 101

Relativity Tutorial

The Standard Model of Elementary Particles: an excellent brief presentation by Drell (Fermilab).

David Harrison's Physics Virtual Bookshelf and Magics of Physics

John Gribbin: My favorite popularizer of modern physics.

John Cramer's Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics contra the Copenhagen Interpretation.

A New Kind of Science (Stephen Wolfram)

Stephen Hawking's Home Page

Quantum theory comes of age by Daniel Thomas at the University of Guelph.

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: thermodynamic asymmetry in time; Copenhagen Interpretation; Quantum mechanics; Uncertainty Principle.

Institute of History and Foundations of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands

On Laplace

Relating to Human Evolution

The Serpent Foundation and The Origins of Autism: Mr. Andrew Lehman presents a very comprehensive narrative of human evolution, especially in the aspect of gender relation, which is then related to the origins of autism. I cannot overemphasize the insightfulness and originality of Lehman's theory. See also his for introductory statements.

Moderner Frühmensch in China entdeckt
Confirming the theory that modern humans had mixed with their Neanderthal neighbors.

Die Evolution des Menschen.

Evolutionary Biology -- General

The Tree of Life : Go here to see the lineages of all life-forms on earth! Wanna know what your "grandmom" looks like 5 million years ago? 60 million years ago? 250 million years ago? or your ancestor 700 million years ago? Want to know who (or rather what) the common ancestor between you and your pet, or between you and the lices in your head (if you got any)was like? The answer to these questions regarding your (or anyone or living thing's) ancestry is what you'll find in the study of evolutionary biology (one of my favorite!) Here is a preliminary!

The Talk Origins Archive : This is a site specifically designed for exploration of the controversies between evolution and creationism

The Paleomap Project : This site will show the history of the configuration of Earth's continents.

The third kingdom: relating to the three-domain system contra the traditional five-kingdom system of biological taxonomy (systematics).

Diploblasts and triploblasts

Evolution of language

Nostratic debate; Pre-Nostratic pronouns; Comments on Nostratic, 1998. Nostratic Macrofamily and Linguistic Palaeontology by Dogolposky; Nostratic dictionary.

Long range linguistics.

Prot-World and the language instinct; Indo-européen, nostratique et eurasiatique;

Where do mama/papa words come from?
Against the Proto-World explanation. Favoring Jakobson's explanation through infant's physiological constraint and mother's natural interpretation of infant's first utterance. Bad argument, for if such mechanism can produce mama-papa words world-wide today, then it can do it 100,000 years ago or 200,000 years ago. Which means in the first languages of Homo sapiens sapiens you'd still find mama-papa words!

Human population genetics laboratory at Stanford. Africa Genome; The Great Human Diasporas;

Linguistic Research Center (Autsin)

L. V. on languages;

Joseph Greenberg
Biographical memoir by William Croft.

Social theories

Waves of feminism; from Joan Korenman, best feminist online resources.

Das Geschlecht des bürgerlichen Staates
Elemente einer kritisch-feministischen Staatsanalyse

Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War
Chapter 1 of Barbara Ehrenreich's book. The most idiotic theory.

Are Economic Systems Like Organisms?

Family structure, institutions, and growth: the origin and implications of Western corporatism

Ideas of Individuals or Individuals with Ideas

William van den Heuvel; Astrological geomancy by Anthony Louis. Jerome Shaw's classical history.

Some Patterns in World History and How they can be Used to Predict the Future .
Summary of William McGaughey's "Five Epochs of Civilization".

World History and the Eonic Effect

Pantheistic movement.


Éthique et temporalité héroïques: une lecture philosophique de l'Épopée homérique; PHILOSOPHIE-ÉPISTÉMOLOGIE: book reviews.

Jaap Bax: Being and Essence

Annette Schlemm. Physicist and philosopher. The Self-Organisation of Society: her paper with Christian Fuch. Is there dialectics in nature? Apparently she's a Marxist.

New Aeon City

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