Civil Case

Lawrence C. Chin
The Honorable Director of Russian SVR
Mikhail Fradkov

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This lawsuit was filed on March 27 2009 in the District Court of San Francisco, with the case number 3:09-CV-01379-JL. It can also be accessed through Justia. The complaint itself was mailed to Yasenevo along with a waiver of service. The plaintiff L Chin however could not respond to court's order and show up on the Order to Show Cause hearing set on September 23 2009 because he was in Nicaragua at the time while the United States and Russia were fighting each other the hardest in the International Court of Justice over what he was doing in this little Central American country. What is this seemingly strange lawsuit about? Return to the front page of this website and read about the "Secret History of the International Court of Justice" or read the two letters of petition below.

The Secret History of the International Court