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More Physics

LORENTZ AND CPT VIOLATION; Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking. Higgs physics.

Einstein, the Incorrigible Plagiarist. (Don't buy this, you are adviced.) Anti-Einstein sentiment surfaces again (Rebuff)

Einstein Light

Einstein's Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics and The Collapse of the Lorentz Transformation by Paul Marmet.

Lorentz Transformations

Srikant's world.

The larger the magnetic field, the stronger our ignorance by Virginia Trimble

Personal Homepage of Jos Uffink.

From the conservation of energy to the principle of least action; Pierre Fermat's Proof of the Sine Law of Refraction and Purpose by Emerson Thomas McMullen.

The Turning Point
Fritjof Capra's famed book online.

Negative energy; Zero Point Energy (ZPE); Creation ex nihilo - Without God (1997): quotations.

Summary of particle physics.

Sprott's fractal geometry gallery.

Peter Joseph Mutnick

Measuring and understanding the Universe by Wendy Freedman.

The Final Theory; kind of weird, but worth looking over.

What is CP violation?

A short history of the knowledge of the atom

The Distribution of Electrons among Atomic Levels
By Edmund C. Stoner

Forscher melden Entdeckung eines bewohnbaren Planeten

Number interests

Episte Math (in Taiwan)

What is a Magic Square? Magic square web site

Post-heaven arrangement.

Galileo and trigonometry.

Musik und Mathematik

The sound of mathematics


Eric Voegelin Study Page; (some relating materials: The Marxian alternaive to the Voegelinian myth; What is a Gnostic, by Stephan A. Hoeller; Gnosticism; another on the gnostic)

Access to Insight: over 800 suttas of Tipitaka (Pali Canon), the foundation of Theravada Buddhism. Leigh Brasington's site.

Jainism. Very comprehensive.

Valentinus; A brief summary of Valentian theology.

Cosmic Time and Divine History

Feminism, society & history

Slumping economy: It's a guy thing, May 9 2008.

Marianne Weber; Max Weber

Terrorism and Surveillance: Security, Freedom, and Justice after September 11 2001 by David Lyon

Phillip Rushton; his controversial theory of race again.

A short biography of Oswald Spengler
(At Pegasos)

Bertrand de Jouvenel. The Economics of Jouvenel.

The Holocaust History Project.

Greeks and Macedonians.

Wendy contemporary liberal feminist; but she calls it individualist feminism; also her

Russian Feminism Resources; How academic feminism set back women's liberation

The End of History by Fukuyama; Larry Diamond at Hoover Institute. How to win the war. Can Iraq Become a Democracy?.

The Origins of Political Correctness by Bill Lind.

See the various quotations in this "Feminist Pages"; Men Web. Feminist time forgot by Kate Millett; BELLE VAN ZUYLEN/ MADAME DE CHARRIERE; Andrea Dworkin at status; Power feminism or victim feminism: Naomi Wolf.

COUNTERING FEMINIST VERBAL TACTICS, (Appendix to Nicholas Davidson, The Failure of Feminism (Buffalo, New York: Prometheus Books, 1988), pp. 343-348) This criticism of feminism, though mostly justified, is however made from the conservative point of view, not from my "disillusioned" point of view. Sexually Incorrect Feminist. Funny but useful name. A Feminist Defense of Pornography by Wendy McElroy. GENDER, SEXUALITY AND THE TRINITY ; Lesbian Feminist Chronology; What Is Feminism? by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards; WOMEN ARE SUPERIOR TO MEN some feminist quotes of a radical nature. Not so much the end of equality as the failure of feminism; An Investigation of Feminist Claims about Rape by C. H. Sommers.

Female cops are better cops
This no one can deny.

Sex And Matriarchy: Explorations Of Male Sexual Deprivation And Other Social Ills

Sociological Subjects at University of Amsterdam

The Comparative Power and Welfare of Men and Women in China (From New Zealand Equality Education Foundation)

White Women's Rights.

Anti-Feminist Page at Turnabout.

Q and A: Why do women become stripers and prostitutes?
Some Indian guy at Stanford once said "Feminists are more stupid than plants". When you read Amy's response to this question you will know feminists are indeed more stupid than plant life. My greatest wish, as always, is to have been born a hot female so I could be a striper, make middle-class income doing nothing much and for only part-time, and devote the rest of my time to studying and building my spiritual being.

A call to action for women who bleed.
An example of White Female Supremacism: the possession of certain female physiological functions automatically makes one superior to others. Quite common nowadays: what is important about a person is her or his external bodily characteristics. Any care for inner beauty is a thing of the past.

Geheimnisder Moorleichen gelüftet
Die Todesstrafe für zwei Ehebrecher (the death penalty for two adulterers)?

Till Bergner

Hayek century.

Why I'm not a conservative
Hayek's statement.

DARWIN AND FREUD : Sociobiology or Metabiology? by JEAN-MARC LEMELIN

China and the Manchus by Herbert Giles. Japanese History (in Japanese). English to Japanese dictionary

Bad Element
Michael Yahuda's review of Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

Religion and Mythology

From Adonai to Yahweh (From The Bible Study)

Huai nan zi. Huang Zongxi

The Disenchantment of the World, a book review. Confucian Ethics of the Axial Age by Heiner Roetz, book review.

Anthesteria; The Dionysiac Mysteries and the Thesmophoria;

Sacred Prostitutes.

Westminster Meditation (In Chinese)

About the Nicene Creed; About the Chalcedon Creed. (Both in Chinese)

金庸的错误 --明教(摩尼教)并非祆教(拜火教)


Gaia theory.

Ken Wilber's Critique of Ecological Spirituality

Interesting Insights by Minor Individuals

Platonic Forms. The most typical understanding of Plato's forms, which simply misses Plato's point. Totally idiotic. Platonic forms and modern scientific thought

K. W. Lee?

Universe does not exist. The insight is there, the Softe is not philosophical. Aquinas and the Big Bang. A confused mind. It is because of such confusion as this author demonstrates (keeping him from recognizing the commonality between modern comsology, Greek philosophy, and scholastic theology) that people from different field can't agree on a common ground even though this ground is right there in front of everyone.

Een prachtig voorbeeld van creatief denken

"Grand Unified Theory". Not very grand, and not the actual Grand Unified Theory.


Origins of devils. Idiotic. Too much pop-ups also.


Les origines anthropologiques de la réciprocité.

Literary Ecology and Postmodernity in Thomas Sanchez's _Mile Zero_ and Thomas Pynchon's _Vineland_,

Review of Heather Roger's Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life ofl Garbage
"It is not a shock that the United States is the number one producer of garbage on the planet; with just 5 percent of the global population we generate 30 percent of the world's trash. The average American throws away a staggering 4.5 pounds of rubbish daily -- that's 1,600 pounds each year, according to Rogers. And garbage is also a global problem; today the middle of the Pacific Ocean is six times more abundant with plastic waste than zooplankton. So how did we get to this point? Garbage production doubled in the U.S. over the past 30 years, yet waste is increasingly hidden, and the focus on recycling is fading along with it. Rogers says this situation came about through an alignment of manufacturing and marketing forces, combined with goals of the mega-garbage collection companies like Waste Management and Browning Ferris, and even some environmental laws which ended up helping the mega-companies. Together, the persistent twin emphasis on growth -- our ever expanding consumptive society -- and the encouragement of easy disposal has made it seem painless for us to increasingly evolve to a virtually "throw away" society. With new technologies the impact is particularly pernicious and the impact is often on the Third World, our society's garbage dump. Just think for a moment about how many televisions, computers, screens, cell phones, iPods and other devices and gadgets you and your office have tossed out over the past decade."


google dance; remote loading issue with geocities. google Search Engine Optimizers

Center of Research on Dutch Jews

securing public webservers. pdf.

Michael Noll's Introduction to Telephones and Telephone Systems.

numbering zones in Netherlands. SS7. Infobel. SS7.